Lee, Kathryn Elizabeth. PI 10 T-5R

E13 September 12, 2014

For some reason, the article Veneration without Understanding, written by Renato Constantino, increased my stand that our superb national leading man, Jose Rizal, is only a few that superb and should not only be one revered as the most important and absolute hero of our nation. Until the contemporary, people still believe that Rizal did so very much for his beloved nation, although we all cannot reject the things this individual did to lessen the burden the Philippines was required to carry long ago then. That they act as if Jose Rizal in the one and only one leading man that there might be when actually there are so many women and men that be eligible for the characteristics of the hero today.

From the belief of many, Jose Rizal did not ever wanted liberty from our oppressors, this was evidently written in the article. He only sought reform and some amendments which can be by far a lot different from the actual Filipinos desire way back in that case.

Truthfully, I think this individual did very well. He relieved the status of the indigenous Filipinos in the last times right into a much more well known and recognized way. In the own ways, little by little we all thought better of our selves, because if a guy like him can, how come can't we all? And by giving himself wholly and completely to the region by his ultimately loss of life, that was your last doubt whatsoever the individuals had previously to not guard their own flexibility too, since if there is nobody else to fight for them, then would you? Thus commenced the apparently endless fights and conflicts towards the much want liberty.

I believe the real trouble lies with the people. They believe that there would be no gentleman ever to compare with Rizal. They adore and look up to him like he did everything we're able to have expected and dreamed of. But at times they are becoming blinded by way of a fervor pertaining to him and tend to overlook that Rizal was not completely the solution to everything. It was like when ever faced with a problem they would...