Reliability and Quality

 Reliability and Validity Composition

Stability and Quality

Dede Kendrick


January 16, 2012

Angela Brain

Reliability and Validity

Analyzing human services is a activity that can be very complex. People can will vary interpretations of the same event. One other concern is the fact people are not necessarily honest. Therefore , human services will gain from powerful, high quality critiques of data collection methods. This involves that the info collection methods supply correct and reliable information. This kind of paper can define and describe a couple of concepts of measurement known as reliability and validity, -provide examples and supporting facts as to just how these ideas apply to data collection in human companies, and measure the importance of the validity and reliability of information collection methods and musical instruments. Funding for several nonprofit individual services companies are determined by the precise effects of study and statistics gathered through various operations of data collection. Reliability and validity are two criterions that are used to judge the capabilities of study designs and measurements. These kinds of criterions happen to be something that needs to be looked at before, during, and after research to show the relevance and significance of human being services. Using the example of a weight level is the best way to confer the idea of reliability and validity. In the event that an individual of 150lbs. weighs in at themselves many times and gets several different psychic readings, the scale being used can be considered unreliable. Now in the event that scale also states 125 whenever, it is rather reliable but incorrect. However , the consistent, accurate reading of 150lbs. every time indicates that the scale is not only reliable, although also valid. When thinking of validity, it is vital to evaluate in the event the research is performing what it is intended to. According to Rosenthal and Rosnow (2008), " The measure involved might be a psychological test out of some type, a group of judges who charge things, a functional MRI scanner for monitoring...

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