Romance with the Three Kingdoms

 Romance with the Three Kingdoms Essay

Romance from the Three Kingdoms

Original title:三国演义(San Guo Yan Yi)

Country: China


Author: Guanzhong Luo(14th century)

Genre: History Novel

Distribution Date: fourteenth century

Pages: 5760

Short: This book can be one of " Four Superb Classical Novels” of Oriental literature; it's the first lake novel produces by chapters in China. It is a Oriental historical new based upon occasions in the thrashing years nearby the end with the Han Empire and the 3 Kingdoms age of Cina, starting in 169 and ending together with the reunification from the land in 280. The whole book provides 120 chapters, and a total of 800, 000 words and 1, 798 dramatic characters and nearly forty battles.

The story begins with the end of East Han Empire. The government turns into extremely damaged on almost all levels, leading to widespread degeneration of the empire. During the rule of the penultimate Han chief, Emperor Ling, the Yellow-colored Turban Rebellion breaks out under the leadership of Zhang Jiao; And finishes while using early American Jin Dynasty, the three regimes return to a unified nationwide. During these 100 years, there were many clashes among the several warlords and nobles, then this three kingdoms were made an appearance on the stage of the history, we california l these people ——Cao Wei (Cao Cao), Shu Han (Liu Bei, Zhuge liang), Eastern Wu (Sun Quan). This book is targeted on describing the three countries rivalling for the land, people, people at the same time, there are many displays of great battles, and pros and cons in the story as if it will help people back in thousands of years back where a weakling battlefield, to provide readers an exilerating sense of deep. The wits from the strategy of heroes in the book is very interesting, whether it is good ideas, or intrigue, all of them are help to make readers go through the great wisdom and wonderful imagination of the ancient. There are plenty of main characters in the Love of the 3 Kingdoms, however the main target is around the hero, Liu Bei(Shu Han), who is a distant relative of the famous...