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Positive Revenge?

Can it be ethical, for just about any man or woman, to swing a juries decision? The starting scene of the movie defines the trail that Jury will take a seat in about. A man moves into a New Orleans securities firm and starts fire upon everyone inside. He gets rid of one of the higher-ranking employs, Jacob Woods. Film production company then quickly jumps 2 yrs ahead on time. We satisfy Nicholas Easter, played simply by John Cusack. He starts a letter to find out he has been summoned for Jury Duty. The truth is none other than Ley Woods, the lady whose husband had been taken two years before, vs . Vicksburg Firearms, the organization that allowed the weapon to get into the killers hands. As Chip is walking away from his mailbox, someone is taking photos of him. This is where the main ethical problem is unveiled. Rankin Fitch, played by Gene Hackman, has already commenced to gather information about all the conceivable jurors that may work the trail. He plans on receiving the jurors that might vote for his client, Vicksburg Firearms. Wendell Rohr, the attorney that represents Celeste, also chooses to hire a jury advisor like Fitch. He chooses a man that came down coming from Philadelphia, named Lawrence, to complete the job. Accompanied by the movie unfolding, we as well find out that Nick has been chosen since Juror #9. When Chip arrives residence later in the evening, He greets Marlee, and we learn which have been trying to sway the jury as well. They are really trying to generate profits by selling the Jurors votes to the greatest paying side. There are several different attributes working this kind of trail, each wanting to earn for their own reasons. Is idea of unsteadiness a jury ethical? Three theories of ethical behavior that most apply to this film are Privileges Theory, Utilitarianism, and Rights and Fairness. I will apply these individual theories to try and answer this kind of question. The first theory I want to check out is Proper rights and Justness. The whole trial is about...