Samba Diallo's Journey Eclectic Adventure Book Review - Francophone Literature

 Samba Diallo’s Journey Unclear Adventure Book Review - Francophone Literature Composition

" Ambiguous" means " not clear, and able to be comprehended in more than one way, in line with the Longman dictionary. The publication Ambiguous Experience is about a great ambiguous journey of a youthful Diallobe pupil who researched in the French school. Everybody who had read the book understood what Samba Diallo's Journey is about, currently, I want to use a little further than that, which is to examine the meaning on this Journey.

Firstly, it is very important for us to know for what reason the Voyage is unclear for Samba Diallo to be able to understand the whole story. I think the word " ambiguous" is strongly related to Samba Diallo's thoughts and situation when he studies inside the new college and the college or university in Italy. According to complete-review. com, the book is the Adventure of how Samba Diallo bills the traditional Africa values which is Islamic ideals and European values the knowledge this individual has learned in Rome, such as the science and the viewpoint. He is usually struggling with the two different cultures and trying to determine how to continue to be a good Muslim but as well to learn the newest knowledge and accept the thoughts in the West. These kinds of " Ambiguous" thoughts displayed really well when ever Samba Diallo is studying Pascal which can be about the man of the western world. In the account he was examining in the book, that says " The Road of his return began just like a miracle an ended like an take action of grace. The man in the West knows less and less from the miracle as well as the act of grace…" (p 96) I think, this gives a touch of Samba Diallo's misfortune at the end from the story.

Besides to know how the ambiguous condition related to Samba, it is also very important to analyze also to understand those people that affect Samba Diallo's life and instruct him. With out those people, Samba Diallo's journey will never commence. The story began when Samba Diallo would still be a child who was a student in the Koranic college, the Glowing Hearth. His teacher Thierno sees Samba Diallo as his finest and the smartest pupil. Because the...

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