Same Sex Matrimony

 Same Love-making Marriage Composition

This kind of house thinks that same sex marriage should not be legalized in the Thailand. Main points.

1 . If we will certainly legalize same sex marital life, this will only prevents all of us to reproduce and to enhance life, and eventually it will result in the fall of human being existence.

2 . According to Executive order no . 209 or commonly known as the Familly Code in the Philippines. Matrimony is a exceptional contract of permanent union between a guy and a female entered into in accordance with law to get the institution of conjugal and family members life.

Accdg to Skill. 2 . Not any marriage will probably be valid, until these important requisites can be found: (1) Legal capacity in the contracting celebrations who has to be a male and a girl; and (2) Consent readily given in the existence of the solemnizing officer. (53a

It is the first step toward the family and an protegido social company whose characteristics, consequences, and incidents are governed legally and not controlled by stipulation, except that marriage negotiations may correct the property associations during the marriage within the limits provided by this Code. (52a)

same-sex marriages will only be allowed in the Philippines in the event the Constitution can be amended. kapag ipinasa nila iyan [same-sex marriage bill], meraih baguhin nila ang Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas at gayundin ang Family Code, sapagkat sa Konstitusyon nakalagay doon em ang kasal ay social fear pagitan ng babae by lalaki, "

several. The government or pro side has mentioned that the reason for same sexual marriage is usually neither delight nor raising a child. They've declared pleasure and parenting does not matter, what matter is that they like each other plus the contract together. Parang ang selfish ng dating. You only married each other for your own good or power, which is morally wrong. We don't consider of our freedom and privileges we must also include the effects within our society. Don't give among the society that is morally incorrect.

4.. That Violates Natural Law

" Ang batas ng kalikasan po ay nagsabing ang] ay union. Ang ibig sabihin ng union, isang babae at isang lalaki, in hindi lamang nagsasama social fear kaisipan by kalooban, kundi sa katawan din. At doon po sa union na iyon, doon lalabas ang mga bata, mga anak pra magkaroon ng isang pamilya, "

Marriage is not only any marriage between human beings. It is a romantic relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by natural regulation.

Any condition which institutionalizes the contravention of the purpose of the sexual act violates natural law and the objective norm of morality.

Getting rooted in human nature, organic law is usually universal and immutable. It applies to the entire human race, evenly. It commands and prohibits consistently, all over the place and always.

1 . It is not necessarily Marriage

Contacting something relationship does not produce it relationship. Marriage is definitely a covenant between a male and a woman which is by its character ordered toward the progeneration[obs3], propagation; fecundation, impregnation and education of children as well as the unity and wellbeing from the spouses.

The promoters of same-sex " marriage” propose something completely different. They propose the union among two guys or two ladies. This denies the self-evident biological, physiological, and emotional differences among men and women which in turn find their complementarity in marriage. Additionally, it denies the specific primary purpose of marriage: the perpetuation with the human race plus the raising of kids.

2 . That Violates Normal Law

Marital life is not just virtually any relationship among human beings. It is a relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by organic law.

Organic law's most elementary precept is that " good is to be carried out and attacked, and wicked is to be avoided. ” By his natural reason, person can understand what is morally good or bad for him. Hence, he can know the dimensions of the end or purpose of each of his acts and just how it is morally wrong to remodel the implies that help him accomplish a great act into the act's goal.

Any circumstance which institutionalizes the circumvention of the reason for the sex act violates...