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Annual Evaluation 2013 Complete Marks: 55 Class: Versus Time: an hour 30 minutes Subject: English

1 . Solution any five of the pursuing questions: 2x5=10

a) What is Hillary's step?

b) What plan would the crocodile's wife generate to catch the monkey? c) Explain how Arjuna aimed the bird's eye?

d) The woman was kind and helpful – Explain

e) What would the leaves whisper? What did the spirit carry out then? f) How performed the husband take care of the house for his better half?

2 . Set a creative composing on any of the topics: 6th a) A composition upon ‘Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony' (Who were present – who were with you – just how it started – what were the programs – how you enjoyed the show) b) A composition on ‘Visit for the Zoo'

(Where was the zoo- who had been there – who were with you – identify the surroundings – which pets you watched – the views about the zoo) c) A letter inviting your good friend on your Birthday Party

3. Response any five questions in short: 1x5=5 a) Why was the Sal shrub special?

b) Who was the captain of the Everest expedition? How a large number of members are there? c) Who was Dronacharya? The fact that was his check?

d) What are the items utilized in an apple dumpling?

e) What would the cat do?

f) Why was your monkey brilliant?

4. Solution any four questions in a single sentence only: 0. 5x4=2 a) Precisely what is the convenience of a shrub?

b) Who had been in the initially team in the Everest trip?

c) Who have opposed against Dronacharya?

d) What was the wife's idea?

e) What did the old women get in exchange of the golden sequence?

5. Write the events which will occurred for: (any 2) 0. 5x2=1 6: 30am; 11: 30am; 4am.

6th. Write the weapons used by virtually any two of the smoothness: 0. 5x2=1 Bhima/ Nakul and Sahadev/ Yudishtir

several. Make phrases with virtually any two terms: 0. 5x2=1 Churn/ Arrow/ Concentrated

8. Read the paragraph and response any two of the following inquiries: 0. 5x2=1 There was a mouse that lived in a hole. Some day, he went into the nose of a sleeping lion. The lion roared, " Let me not let you go, Let me eat you up. ” Hearing this, the mouse button squeaked, " I plead with your whim please leave me now, I may be in your assist in the time of need. ” A) Where did the mouse live?

B) What did the mouse inform the lion?

C) What did the lion tell the mouse?

9. Split subject and predicate: (any 4) 0. 5x4=2 a) The deer was murdered by the ruler.

b) The song was sung by bird.

c) Ram recommendations flowers every single morning.

d) The young boy plays football.

e) I plead with your pardon.

10. Change into simple upcoming tense: (any 2) 0. 5x2=1 a) I enjoy football day-to-day.

b) A large number of a people damage their life in search of a great job.

c) Last week My spouse and i went to Bhutan.

11. Turn into present continuous tense: (any 2) zero. 5x2=1 a) They did the job carefully.

b) John dropped the match

c) That they talks a lot.

12. Turn into past continuous tense: (any 2) zero. 5x2=1 a) Daisy moves for 1 hour every early morning.

b) They come to the house every week.

c) The man arrived here last night.

13. Change into simple present tense: (any 4) zero. 5x4=2 a) I shall go there tomorrow.

b) They may be coming below now.

c) The player was working last nighttime.

d) Having been there you get.

e) My spouse and i shall...