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1 . Queen Liliuokalani was the initial and only famous Hawaiian princess or queen. Imperialism is a policy with which stronger nations around the world extend all their economic, politics or army control over weakened nations. Bill Seward was the Secretary of State below presidents Lincoln and Toby Johnson this individual purchased Ak from Russian federation in 1868. Pearl Harbor was the Hawaiian dock granted by 1887 treaty to the Usa for use being a refueling station for U. S. boats. They hook up and are crucial because when Queen Liliuokalani was california king the U. S. started following imperialism and kind of took over The hawaiian islands. Hawaiians were forced to accept to the treaty of 1887. Which allowed the U. S. to obtain Pearl Harbor. Bill Seward was provoking imperialism. 2 . Cultural interests

Social interests

Economical interests

Monetary interests

Armed forces interests

Armed service interests

So why Americans support imperialism

So why Americans support imperialism

3. William Seward written for U. S i9000. expansion by convincing the senate to acquire Alaska from Russia for $7. 2-million. 4. Planters staged a revolt since Queen Liliuokalani believed that American planters had an excessive amount of influence, the girl moved to limit their electricity. Around the same time, U. S. control laws converted to favor sugars grown in the usa. Planters by using U. H. Marines, they overthrew the queen and place up their own government. They then asked being annexed by United States. five. The acquiring Alaska was farsighted since in the end the usa had bought a terrain rich in hardwood, minerals and, as it turned out, oil. six. If Leader Cleveland's wants had been well known by the subsequent U. S. administration after that Hawaii didn't have been a situation and right now there wouldn't have been completely a bombing at Arizona memorial during the universe war. 7. The United states include overthrew the queen and taken control for themselves. The Hawaiians are rebelling wager we can't stand against these people and now were being forced to join the Combined...