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Jude Varcoe

In the last a decade there has been substantial spend on Marketing campaign. There is no organized way of showing the effectiveness of Marketing. This paper considers the way the effectiveness of Social Marketing must be assessed, the extent to which effectiveness happens to be determined and suggests a framework for evaluating the potency of Social Marketing.

This paper shows that best practice in examining the effectiveness of Social Marketing requires systematic assessment by five levels of change (Awareness, Engagement, Behavior, Social Usual and Wellbeing). To thoroughly assess the success of Marketing campaign campaigns their very own contribution by any means five degrees of effectiveness have to be considered.

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Jude Varcoe


There are a range of explanations of Marketing, the following reflects the importance of most from the definitions: ‘Social Marketing is definitely the use of industrial marketing principles, tools and programs made to influence people's behaviour to improve their well being and that of society' (Social Marketing Institute).

In the last 10 years there has been, and continues to be, a considerable spend on Marketing campaign. The New Zealand government asks its residents to: Take in moderately

Stub out smoking cigarettes

Apply sun screen

Have mammograms

Teach kids to read

Immunise children

Preserve water

Understand mental health problems

Use community transport

Fasten ladders

Be active

Decelerate cars

Include safe love-making

Regulate alcohol intake

Work with recycling bins

Save to get retirement

Prepare homes intended for earthquakes

Mount smoke alarms

Conserve electrical energy

Passionately Social Marketers design creative methods to guide their Social Marketing. Commonly Social Marketers:

Establish a manufacturer to control their advertisments;

Using multi-mode approaches (programmes, education, communication); Target young people and hard to reach viewers;

Use innovative and impressive approaches.

The expectations of Social Marketing are high.

‘The end goal of any marketing campaign is usually to contribute to achieving a socially just society' (Donovan 2003).

Kotler ou al (2002) title their very own text ‘Social Marketing: Increasing the Quality of Life'.

On the basis of these definitions analysts are left with a significant problem: establishing the effectiveness of Social Marketing in improving quality lifestyle.

There is no organized way of proving the effectiveness of Social Marketing. This newspaper considers how a effectiveness of Social Marketing needs to be

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Assessing the potency of social marketing

examined, the level to which performance is currently determined and suggests a structure for analyzing the effectiveness of Marketing.


From this paper ‘Social Marketing campaign' is used to explain Social Marketing with regards to shifting a unique behaviour (or set of behaviours), with a view to achieving an improved quality of life. When individual programmes are considered to be enablers and contributors (i. e. Receive Sorted and Quit) they can be not thought to be stand-alone Social Marketing campaigns.



Social Marketing text messaging explain the myriad of techniques for research to support Social Marketing, nevertheless shy away from conclusive views on how to assess performance (outcome measurement) of Social Marketing. Noting the problem of examining the effectiveness of Marketing, Donovan (2003) suggests that ‘campaigns should be assessed in terms of instant measures such as beliefs and attitudes, home report conduct change and sales data'. Given that Marketing sets out to obtain an improvement of quality of life, happen to be intermediate actions of efficiency...

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Jude Varcoe can be Managing Representative, TNS Wellington, New Zealand.

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