Social Research Sba Set of questions

 Social Research Sba Questionnaire Essay

п»їMoney Laundering (Scamming) among youths in the Community Anchovy Meadows

Training: Below are a few questions. Make sure you tick the appropriate age.

i) Age Range: 10-15


26 and over

ii) Sexual intercourse: Female


1) Base on your understanding of scamming, precisely what is scamming?

This is when individuals call people and request funds This is when individuals are deceived in to believing they have already one a " prize” and are asked to send a sum of money in order to obtain it This is when persons send money to other folks

This can be money sent from overseas

2) Precisely what are some possible effect of conning?

Beautification of community

Repeated police raids

Noise pollution in community

Admiration to elderly people

3) What are a few possible techniques to identify a scammer?

The way they community with others

Their function of dressing

The way they work

Their lifestyle

4) Why perform youths with this community fraud?

It is a way out of poverty

It is a less difficult job plus more convenient

Availability of jobs is usually low

Individual don’t have the requirements for a work

5) That which was the community of Anchovy Meadows like ahead of scamming? It was a community with small properties and less vehicles

It was a peaceful community

It had law enforcement officials raiding more often

The admiration for seniors was larger

6) What are some associated with scamming around the youths with the Anchovy Meadows future? Even more Youths having a criminal record

A great upgrade in status

Youngsters receive a better Education

Lifestyle Imprisonment

7) In what techniques does rip-off affect adolescent girls?

A higher rate of teenage pregnancy

Push them to be informed

Lose concentrate towards assignment work

You cannot find any effect

8) If the development...