The 8th Variation

 The eighth Amendment Essay

The 8th Variation

‘Excessive pacte shall not be expected, nor extreme fines imposed, nor cruel and strange punishments ?nduced. ' 1 ) Introduction

Think about being hanged for a crime you determined, or having your tongue punctured with a torched spoon because you had been caught for the mistake that may have conveniently been fixed. These are the types of things the eighth amendment protects us from. Devoid of this amendment, people upon death row could quickly be completely tortured for things they may not have also done. It may not be to the level of being hanged for a crime, but the stage needs to be made that the 8th amendment has been doing nothing but great.

I am interested in the eighth amendment because it focuses on a very problem. Death row completely will go against this modification. I not merely want to discuss how eradicating people by simply either fatal injection, or maybe the electric chair is definitely cruel and unusual, but I want individuals to understand that it should be illegal and agree with myself that it violates the eighth amendment.

My personal paper is supposed to convince you and everyone that we need to do something to stop these challenging behaviors from happening. We have to stand up to get our rights, and take these people from death row. There are many reasons why death row is the most detrimental way to fix anything. 1, it is higher priced to put somebody on loss of life row than it is to keep them in prison for a lifetime. Two, there are several innocent some people that have been slain because of different peoples faults. Finally, The criminal justifies to provide time for his/her crime, not simply suddenly end everything. 2 . Historical Origins of the Correct

Before. Ahead of the eighth variation was established, vicious and unusual punishment had not been even thought 2 times about. In 1608, America put it is first person to death. He was spying for the The spanish language, but was trapped and sentenced to loss of life. This is the first record of somebody being killed for a crime. This is where everything began. This kind of escalated into burning in the...