The Audio Lingual Method A great way Of

 Essay within the Audio Lingual Method A great way Of

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The Audio-Lingual Method: A simple way of Achieving


Cagri Tugrul Mart

Department of Languages, Ishik University, Erbil, Iraq

E-mail: [email protected] com


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Fuzy: The Audio-Lingual method should develop communicative competence of students through dialogues. Dialogues and routine drills that students need to repeat are more comfortable with form patterns in learners that will allow them to develop speedy and programmed responses. Drills are useful in foreign language instructing in that they provide students a chance to perform the actual have learnt. The objective of this kind of study is to demonstrate the way the use of Audio-Lingual method encourages learning another language.

Key phrases: The Audio-Lingual method, Habit formation, Exercises, Communication Launch:

The Audio-Lingual method, that has been proposed simply by American linguists in 1950s, was developed from the principle that " a language will be of all a method of appears for cultural communication; articles are a secondary type system pertaining to the recording of spoken language” (Carroll, g. 1963). Thus, the purpose of the Audio-Lingual method is to use the prospective language communicatively. According for this method, presentation is given goal in language teaching. The AudioLingual approach teaches vocabulary through dialogues that concentrate on habit creation of pupils. Larsen-Freeman declares that pupils will attain communicative proficiency by building new practices in the target language and overcoming this habits of their native dialect (2000, l. 45). The Audio-Lingual technique considered dialect simply since form of patterns to be discovered through the development of accurate speech behaviors (Thornbury 2000, p. 21). in other words, the objective of this method is always to form indigenous language patterns in learners (Dendrinos, 1992)....

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