The value Of Idea

 Essay for the Importance Of Viewpoint

The value of Philosophy or

" Why Should I Take Philosophy? ”

Sawzag Yount, Ph level. D.

When someone who would not know me personally well concerns find out that we am a philosopher, the next question that he or she unavoidably asks is usually, " What can you do with philosophy besides teach? ” My answer is and has been, " You can think, and ideally better. ” Part of viewpoint is critical pondering, which is to be able to question your (or any person else's) assumptions, discover and hopefully state good reasons for your position, whatever your position can be. Everyone has a posture on every concern, even if it really is, " We don't know. ” One can then simply ask this person, " For what reason do you not know? Should you have a view within this issue? ” Even if your view is that some concern does not matter, you need to defend that view up against the person who does think that that issue concerns. And guarding your perspective requires the cabability to use your reason (which of course is thinking) to find out what good or bad reasons happen to be and the best support for your position. Idea can be used to support convince people that you will be right, and (sometimes, when it's done correctly, and depending on your opponent's view) that they will be wrong. For instance , if you want a raise from your manager, if you know what good reasons will be, such as elevating the sales of the organization, the quality of the product, the efficiency of the company, etc ., as well as how to show the manner in which these elements are vital for the company's well-being, you would stand a better chance of getting a raise than if you were to argue together with your boss using bad causes, such as: " My poor family are not able to live on my own salary exclusively, and I need to have more money” or " If you don't give me a raise, I'll quit and take my local freinds with me. ” The reason the first charm (about your poor family) is a awful one, is the fact it is an appeal to pity or feelings, and if you haven't gained the company lately, then it doesn't really matter if your family is going hungry – it can be...