The Soul of Dark-colored Folk and Up from Captivity

 The Spirit of Dark-colored Folk or more from Slavery Essay

Multiaxial Analysis

Axis My spouse and i: Clinical Disorder(s)

Hadden Clark was diagnosed by a nautico psychiatrist while showing signs of paranoid schizophrenic. Axis II: Personality Disorders/Mental Retardation

Hadden Clark demonstrated signs of getting paranoid, schizoid, and borderline through his actions just like stealing and vandalizing autos, alter ego Kristen, not being able to keep jobs, not showing thoughts towards his murder victims, and not creating a care about people surrounding him or his own self Axis 3: General Health concerns:

The medical conditions regarding Hadden Clark simon involved human brain damage, forcep damage, dark-colored outs, as well as the issue of not being grow older to speak before the age of 6. Axis 4: Psychosocial/Environmental Info:

a. Primary support group: Hadden Clark's primary social group consisted of his mother, who was a socialite, his father, whom was obviously a chemical professional and very clever, and two older friends, a youthful sister, and a youthful brother. His family is at the upper central class, and they were a prominent relatives. b. Sociable Environment: Hadden Clark was looked at as the area oddball. He had little to no friends. He likewise had an andet jeg by the name of Kristen. c. Education: Clark graduated from secondary school and then continued to attend a high culinary school. He was a gifted mentally stimulating games player within just in school years. d. Occupational: Clark's job consisted of him being a gourmet, a ice cubes sculptor, see the Olympics, and he likewise worked in the bagel shop. Clark a new hard time keeping jobs and was fired from bulk, if not every of them. Clark simon joined the navy for a short period of time until he was kicked away. e. Casing: Clark was homeless and resided in an elaborate set up in the woods that this individual created. n. Economics: Clark allegedly got at least $40, 000 in the bank. g. Usage of Healthcare: There is no resistant or indications of access to healthcare. h. Legal System: Hadden Clark was in and out of imprisonment throughout his life...