Trained in Various Departments

 Training in Different Departments Composition

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Anna University has incorporated institutional training as a component of Master of Organization Administration (M. B. A) course. This training program is made with a view to enable the student with an exposure and work experience in the field.

As a pupil of Meters. B. A., I underwent training for TITAN WRISTWATCHES, for a length of 20 days.

Below, I are submitting the report from the institutional training. A detailed functioning experience that we have received during the trained in various departments of TI (SYMBOL), is offered. I have as well given a brief profile with the organization where I have been deputed as a student.

A study on efficient areas inside the TITAN COMPANIES LTD., deals with all the efficient departments of the company. All the departments play a vital role in the company, every single department executes separate task but they are inter related with the other person.

In order to make the effort efficient the individual should be skilled well. Training is used like a tool for that and schooling differs depending on curriculum and job account of each person. The employees receive training in the corporation to do their particular work effortlessly.

The Industrial schooling is also useful to acquire fresh manipulative abilities, technical expertise, problem solving potential, attitude additionally they gain a few industrial experience during the period of training.


• To study the functional areas.

• To get an industrial coverage.

• To find out the organizational activities.

• To gain knowledge about the company which supports in healthy diet my career. • To have interaction together with the industry people.



Titan is a joint venture among TATA and Tamil Nadu Industrial Advancement Corporation (TIDCO). Titan with the forefront with the TATA worth system of create wealth for area and earning the admiration of all the stakeholders and the community at large through excellence in every single aspect of the...