Virtues and Character Strengths

 Virtues and Character Strong points Essay


Human Virtues and Personality Strengths

Kenya Gorham



Darlene Grippo-Sowa

Human Virtues and Character Strengths

A human virtue that I locate to be a crucial asset to our lives is valor. Some of the features of valor is; braveness, persistence, credibility, kindness, and zest. I believe that bravery is an important virtue because there are lots of things in life that individuals have to go through on a daily basis where you have to be brave to face. Becoming honest is a characteristics on this virtue which means a whole lot to my opinion. If a person is not honest, they may have a hard time building healthy relationships with any individual in life. For anyone who is married, you have to have honesty between you and your spouse, in the event that not then you relationship will not likely last. Persons also have to boost the comfort with not merely other people yet themselves too. Another attribute that I locate to be extremely important is attention. Kindness is a very important characteristic because you have to treat persons the way you want to be treated. I do believe it is fair to say that everyone wants to get treated i implore you to and with respect. But once you don't provide that to other people you probably will not have that gave to you. If a person contains these kinds of characterizes, they will probably live a fairly cheerful life, with healthy human relationships. When I consider these qualities in a person, I think about is my own grandmother. Your woman tried her best to live up to all of these character types and achieved it very well basically must declare so. My personal grandmother a new huge center. She cared for everyone and was constantly trying to help people or let them feel better. The girl was also very honest, for the point that it almost damage. I won't be able to think of single time that my own grandmother advised a sit. I feel similar to order for any person to tell the truth all the time, they should have valor. Sometimes you will need to tell people things that they may not wish to hear, or perhaps that may harm them which means you have to be courageous enough to tell them. I wish I had formed...